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New Version - QuestBase

We have finally released the new version of eWebTest, now called QuestBase. QuestBase offers more features and it's much easier to use than eWebTest; additionally, it's also compatible with tablets. QuestBase is available free of charge, start now to create your assessments, tests, quizzes, exams at www.questbase.com!
If you are an existing eWebTest user, you can easily import your questions into QuestBase with a few clicks.

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Create Assessments and Quizzes Quickly

Question List

eWebTest 2022 enables you to create your assessments, quizzes and tests quickly and easily. No technical skills are required! You can add questions using the built-in web editor or import them from external text files with a few clicks. You can mix up several question types, from multiple choice to fill-in-the-blanks, from true/false to essay. Questions can be categorized into topics, and you can extract a random number of questions per topic.

Assessments are fully customizable with many options including: time-limit, passing score, grading, custom messages and feedback. Everything you need is at your fingertips. You can create training assessments, educational quizzes, psychological or personality tests, surveys, and much more.

Publish On-Line Easily

Publish Quizzes

With a click of a button, assessments can be published on-line and made available to test takers. Quizzes can be public (available to anyone), semi-public (available to anyone with a password) or private (available only to selected candidates who sign-in with a personal username and password). Before an assessment starts, you can ask for personal information (e.g. first name, last name, e-mail, company, ID, etc.) or you can make it anonymous.

Once a test is taken, you can choose if you want to display complete results, only the score or nothing at all; all responses and grades are stored in a database for later review, reporting and analysis. Custom certificates can also be awarded automatically, according to the total score.

Save Time in Getting Results

Session List

Authors, managers and administrators can review given answers, grades and scores. Each session (i.e. the answers given by test takers) can be later displayed on-screen, printed or exported to a PDF file (this is useful if you want to have your test takers sign a paper). Questions can also be reviewed with statistics and charts: for example, you can check how many test takers answered correctly, incorrectly or did not provide any answer to a particular question, as well as the average score.

This information can be saved and exported to other applications: for example, scores can be exported to Microsoft Excel, sessions can be exported to PDF files, charts can be exported to images (e.g. PNG, GIF). It's easy to build reports using this content!

Use Your Data

Use Your DataYou can enter allowed test takers, questions and answers manually into eWebTest 2022, but you can also import all of this information from external files. For example, if you have questions in MS Excel you can import them with a few mouse clicks.

Categorize Questions

Categorize QuestionsAssessments can contain unlimited topics, even with multiple levels, and each question can be assigned to different topics. Test takers can be presented with random questions from topic A, random questions from topic B, and so on.

Grade Automatically

Grade AutomaticallyResults can be automatically graded and scored by the system. Test takers can see their scores immediately after taking the test, or receive them from the trainer, or never see them at all. Answers can have different scores and weights.

Award Custom Certificates

Award Custom CertificatesWhen test takers pass the test, eWebTest 2022 can automatically generate a PDF certificate with all relevant information (name, exam title, score, date, scanned signature, etc.). Certificates can be fully customized with your logo and style.

Keep Test Takers Informed

Keep Test Takers InformedAs soon as a test is finished, test takers can review their answers (correct or incorrect), receive a custom e-mail with their grade or print their results — even SMS messages are available in real-time.

Share Content

Share ContenteWebTest 2022 allows you to share your assessments and questions with your colleagues. You can set different permission levels for each assessment so that multiple trainers can work at the same projects.

More Cool Features of eWebTest 2022

Even More Features of eWebTest 2022